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  •   The participation of Al-shefaa Bent Awf School in Youth Talk groupThe first video conference will be held on thursday evening at 3:00 p.m through face- to face skype, to meet their partner in America and  talk about their country, culture,religion, habits and so on. They will display videos and make a dialogue between each other in one hour.Al- Shefaa School will display a video about their activities in their school.
  • Ice cream The earliest ices were eaten in China many years ago, The people used to put orange or lemon juice on ice and eat it. The Emperor of Rome two thousand ago, ordered runners to get him snow from the mountains. The snow was mixed with honey, fruit juice and nuts. The recipe for ice cream was brought to France by Catherine's cooks. Then it was brought to America in the early 1700s. It quickly became the favorite of American presidents. Dolly Madison, the wife of president Madison, was the first person who served ice cream in the White House. Today, ice cream is eaten all over the world. It appear in different colors, tastes and shapes.